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 Consumers want more for less and expect to be able to make bespoke choices about their living environment.

  • Veritii Landscape mockup
  • Veritii Landscape mockup
  • Veritii Landscape mockup
  • Veritii Landscape mockup
  • Veritii Landscape mockup
  • Veritii Landscape mockup
  • Veritii Landscape mockup
  • Veritii Landscape mockup
  • Veritii Landscape mockup

Selling spaces that don’t yet exist or communicating details about a specific house type remotely have been the challenge facing house builders for many years. But what if you could give your customers a seamless, interactive 3D sales experience, enabling them to view, furnish, and buy your off plan homes in real time?

The Veritii 3D Home Planning tool enables the homebuyer to judge space and scale more effectively than 2D plans or CGI’s. It allows your customers to see their new home in an immersive, informative and compelling way. Whether you’re sitting next to them or directing them to the App remotely, you will be able to truly share with them the real scope, dimensions and benefits of each property type.

Customers increasingly expect to have access to bespoke upgrade options when purchasing a new home. You will be able to easily help your customers make decisions that will ultimately make their house choice into their home.

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‘The Veritii App is invaluable when selling off plan’

Linden Homes
Sarah Hembrow, Marketing and Communications Manager. 



The Benefits

Create a seamless, interactive 3d sales experience for your customers.

Increase the opportunity of off-plan sales – with remote App access

Enable your sales executives to reach more potential buyers

Show your customers how they can view, select and furnish their new home with confidence and ease

Provide customers with a budget tracker so they can manage upgrades and interior selection purchases

Access real time sales information data at all times

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How it works


Our online portal manages your developments one-house type at a time.

Upload your CAD / BIM drawing to our secure portal

We’ll generate 3D Interactive models of your development

We’ll deliver your branded interactive development to the sales team

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Technical Spec

CAD & BIM data

Integrates with existing CAD and BIM software

User Login

Multiple logins enable access to update sales status of
each development


Available on iOS and Android platforms


Connects to your existing CRM software

Channel Partners

We are working with Large Housing Developers, Small House Builders, Housing Associations & Furniture Retailers to create a platform that will help the whole supply chain. Why not join us now?

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